Fresh Apples from Poland & Chile

Fruitways Sp Zoo is formed by the few very young Entrepreneurs who are into trading fruits and vegetables from the second generation.

Birth of Fruitways came from 3 companies in India, With the idea of direct export of Poland Apples & Chile apples to India & middle east markets as a grower.

Apple From Polland
Why Fruitways?

Fresh Apples Poland and Fresh Apples from Chile as Fruitways is one fast-growing for import and export of fresh produce providing numberless quality fruit to its clients around the globe. Fruitways is not only an exporter of fruits but also a producer of apples in Poland and Chile. Our first journey is started as a producer of Polish apples to export to India. Other than apples we also export Cherries, Mangoes, Grapes, Kiwi. We are committed to providing high-quality products to our Consumers and Wholesalers.


Cities in India
& Poland


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of Fruits

Fruitways supply chain from Poland & Chile

Apple Production is part of our passion for our job. We follow the entire supply chain process:
With the corporation of our orchards farmer, the plantation in the orchards to the harvest of the best apple
We select for export, from the packing in our warehouse with the updated technology and quality standard to the distribution chain.
We create the real taste of Poland. We rather call it fresh apples from Poland or “apples Made in Poland” We put our hands muddy in day to day job to select the
each apple best quality for Our clients.


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