Gala apple from Poland at its high prices up to 3.00 PLN : Polish Gala 2020 Season

The beginning of September in the orchard industry is tantamount to the beginning of the autumn harvest of varieties intended for long storage. In addition to offers to buy summer varieties, varieties such as Gala, Lobo and Conference pear are beginning to appear in price lists.

Gala of prices
Poland Gala apples

Currently, the purchase prices of summer varieties have fallen. So it was Paulared, Delikates, Sunrise or Sander. In the case of producer groups, the Piros trade has already ended. However, growers still sell this variety on wholesale markets after a brief cold storage. We also sell 2nd class apples in many places. In this case, the prices of apples are usually 1.20 - 1.30 PLN per kilogram. The same rates apply to apples over 95 mm in diameter.

When analyzing the prices, it is clear that they are quite even. The exception is Gala. Here, in turn, the offers are very diverse. Both in terms of prices, as well as the requirements and range of calibers assigned to individual rates. Companies and groups buy from 65 or 70 millimeters up for one price. Others offer separate rates after sorting not every 5 but every 10 millimeters. For example, one rate for fruit 60-70mm and another for fruit 70-80mm.

Below we present the ranges of prices in which apples can be sold in groups in the Grójecko-wareki region.


65mm + PLN 2.50 / kg

65-70mm 2.40 - 2.50 PLN / kg

70mm + 2.50 - 3.00 PLN / kg


Paulared / Delikates

60-65mm 1.50 PLN / kg

65mm + 2.30 - 2.60 PLN / kg



65mm + PLN 1.80 / kg

70mm + PLN 2.00 / kg



65mm + 2.50 - 2.60 PLN / kg

65-70mm 2.00 PLN / kg

70-95mm 2.50 PLN / kg